Once upon a time…….

Once upon a time 50 years ago, Derek Brightman, a man with a great vision for Scottish Skiing, started the Glenshee Ski School (International).
Glenshee Ski School 1964
Annie Bryden and Alan McClement are now the proud owners, and guardians really, of this ski school which was the very first school to operate at Glenshee Ski Centre. Derek was also one of the founders of the British Association of Professional Ski Instructors now known as (BASI) indeed he has the prized No 1 membership card!
Derek’s business partner,Sandy Caird, brought expertise in retailing to the business and the Ski School’s HQ was the Cairdsport Hire and Shop,at the Spittal of Glenshee. This building has been recently sold and our hire operates as Freshtracks Glenshee from the Glenshee Pottery and Visitor Centre.
Cairdsport 1964
In 1964 Derek and Sandy’s staff came from Scotland and further afield including the Continent giving the school a truly international flavour and the “Modern Austrian Method” was taught. They had resident instructors at all the local hotels including The Spittal, The Dalrulzion, Dalnoid, Drumore and Gulabin Lodge. Interestingly they operated from mid December until the end of April. (No ifs and buts about the start and end of the season in those days!).
Glenshee Ski School  1979
Derek was chief Instructor and amongst the staff they had an Instructor solely for the teaching children; an ethos echoed to this day with our passion in preparing the next generation for the slopes with our Happy Feet and Rockhopper’s Clubs.
In 1964 The Cairnwell Ski Area offered the Cairnwell Chairlift (Tiger Chair) asscent 1000ft; The T Bar Lift 600ft;and at weekends the Dundee Ski Club T Bar Lift at Meall Odhar was in operation when required.
Derek and Sandy also worked along side the Wintons at Dalmunzie Estate and offered “Scotland’s first Snow-maker” which was a rope tow on Dalmunzie Estate close to the Cairdsport shop.
As we start the 2014 Season, Annie and Alan are delighted to now have a convenient and warm reception at Glenshee Ski Centre and we look forward to another 50 years of teaching skiing and of course snowboarding at Scotlands’s premier Ski Centre, Glenshee.
Freshtracks Glenshee Ski School 2014


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